The captured is an interactive live escape game. Located at the base of the Gatlinburg Space Needle. You have to use your wits, skill and every bit of courage to escape being captured.

The Craft family have a twisted tradition that dates back to the Civil War. Simon Craft, the family patriarch, was a colonel in the Confederate Army. After the war he was deeded a piece of land between Pigeon Forge and what was then known as the Cherokee Nation. The Craft family made a fortune from selling timber to the US government. But it wasn’t always easy going. One particularly brutal winter, the Craft’s ran out of food and resorted to cannibalism. The most disturbing part was that they grew very fond of the taste of human flesh. Every week the Craft’s celebrate with a massive banquet. They feast on the unwitting tourists that make their way to the great Smoky Mountains. You have just unwittingly entered into the Craft holding chamber…in other words…You’ve been captured.

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